The Trophy Room

Trophy room

The Trophy Room is to store all the awards, trophies, statues, cups, plates, sheilds and medals that have been won or earned by Hogwarts, by any of the Houses or by Teachers and Students. Remember, though, some owners/winners of awards will change every year.

(There is also a list of Prefects and the Head Boy and Girl).


House Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Gryffindor)

Tri-Wizard Tournament Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Hogwarts)

Quidditch House Cup /Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Gryffindor)

House With Highest O.W.L. Results Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Hufflepuff)

House With Highest N.E.W.T. Results Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Ravenclaw)

Most Ambitious House Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Slythetrin)

Most Loyal House Cup/Trophy

(Last Winners/Owners: Hufflepuff)

Most Creative House Cup/Trophy


Best Magical School

(Awarded in 1950)

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